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When you purchased FlexiSPY, you agreed to abide by one of the two refund policies we offer. Before requesting a refund, please review the appropriate policy.

Before requesting a refund, please read the correct refund policy to see if you qualify

At FlexiSPY, we work hard to make sure that customers are satisfied, so before you request a refund, we require you to contact us to explain the problem. In many cases, the customer is happy to continue, or if not, FlexiSPY benefits by understanding how to make its products better.

Some customers are unreasonable and request refunds after using the product for a long period of time, or claim that the purchase was not authorised and then try to apply a chargeback or PayPal dispute.

As our support is the best and most generous in any industry, there should be no need to resort to such behaviour, and our policy for unwarranted chargebacks can be read here.

We Are Reasonable

Of course we understand that there are circumstances beyond your control that may result in you being unable to install the software and get started such as the TARGET device being incompatible or you cannot get it physically to get started.

For these cases a refund is usually granted.

How to Request a Refund – Contact Us Directly

  1. Check your refund policy.
  2. Contact support by submitting a ticket using the button below. Please be very clear and descriptive and include any screenshots or pictures as relevant. Submitting a support ticket saying you wish to be refunded without giving us a reason why will result in no refund being granted until you give us the cause of your problem.
  3. When you are submitting a support ticket to us asking for a refund we need as much information as possible so please be sure to include the following:
    • Date you purchased the software
    • Software type purchased and license type
    • Whether or not the software is installed or activated
    • TARGET device make, model and OS version
    • Issues you are having
    • Steps that you have taken to try to fix the problem
    • Evidence you have read and understand the FlexiSPY refund policy

Request A Refund