Just Released: Application Screenshot for iOS! 

mayo 24, 2017

Application Screenshot for iOS is a free feature for PREMIUM and EXTREME customers that remotely snaps screenshots of an app while it’s in use and automatically uploads the images to your online portal. This is one of many powerful FlexiSPY functions that aims to paint a complete picture of how specific applications are used and is especially beneficial to employers, parents and even you.

How does Application Screenshot for iOS work?

This feature is very user-friendly and can be customized based on your preferences. Once you set the program to take screenshots of a particular app via the online portal, the images are automatically uploaded to app-specific folders for easy viewing.

Here’s how it works:

Log in to your online portal and click the Apps Screenshot button.

Here you can see all supported applications as well as set your preferences. You can even select which programs are relevant to you by adding or removing them in the Monitored Application tab.

Clicking on any of the apps brings you directly to the screenshots. Use ‘Search’ to find specific keywords, while ‘Date’ lets you look at any images downloaded within a certain time period – saving you time.

Images are clearly labeled with date and time and can be enlarged, deleted or starred for easy access in the future.

Why is Application Screenshot for iOS useful?

FlexiSPY’s Application Screenshot for iOS provides essential insight into how people use their apps and gives you the power to protect what is important to you. Employers, parents and even personal users can benefit from these screen grabs:

Employers who provide company mobiles often monitor phone usage and these captured images are useful in uncovering employee espionage or evidencing insider threats.

Application Screenshot for iOS is also a powerful tool for parents in protecting children from online predators or to intervene in cases of cyberbullying – an increasingly common issue amongst kids and teens.

Personal users of this feature can keep track of important conversations with clients or contractors and ensure that your information is always secure within the online portal even if you lose your phone.

Tell us what you think

How will Application Screenshot for iOS benefit you? Employers – how will this feature help in your office? Parents – does this give you a greater sense of security regarding your child’s online habits?

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Application Screenshot is currently only available for iOS users, but don’t worry Android support is coming soon!

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