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Just a few hours after 8.4 was released, news broke out that an official iOS 84 Jailbreak was available, made possible by the Jailbreak team TaiG.

Immediately after being released, our iOS developers were hard at work integrating FlexiSPY with the jailbreak, and now they’ve done it, FlexiSPY now supports iOS 8.4, and you are now safe to update the iOS device to this version.

Update now or risk being stuck

While jailbreaking is perfectly legal, and will not brick your device in any way, Apple likes to keep things locked down. Based on their past efforts to prevent jailbreaking, it is likely that they will soon make another update to iOS, an update which will render the jailbreak null.

Once Apple pushes a new iOS release, and if you update to that release, expect to be stuck with an un-jailbreakable device for 3-6 months, and of course, if you want to run FlexiSPY on an iPhone or iPad, it must be jailbroken first, which we’ve written a guide for. 

Once you’ve taken care of the jailbreak, you can go ahead and re-install FlexiSPY or install for the first time, which you can do by purchasing a license on our site, here