How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I900P)

Marzo 22, 2016

We no longer maintain rooting guides on our blog. This means that your phone might not be compatible with this guide. If you're not sure, please consult our rooting team, who will root your phone, and install FlexiSPY for you, for a fee.
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This guide will show you how to root the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 phone from Samsung.

Disclaimer: FlexiSPY is not responsible for rooting the Android device in any way.  Before performing any of these steps make sure you back up your Android device completely.

This guide is for Samsung Galaxy S2 models whose model number is I900P only!

Rooting is done entirely by you at your own risk.

What is needed to root the Samsung Galaxy S2?

In order to root the Samsung Galaxy S2 you will need the following.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 you want to root in your hand which has an SD card inserted.
  • A PC.

Step 1 – Download the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 for your PC

In order for your PC to recognise the Samsung Galaxy S2 as part of the rooting process you first must download and install the USB drivers on to your PC.

You can download the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S2 from here.

Once you have downloaded them run the main program file to make sure the drivers are installed.

Step 2 – Download the Samsung Galaxy S2 root package

You can download the Samsung Galaxy S2 root package from here.  Do not unzip it.

Save it to an easy to find location on your PC such as the desktop.

Step 3- Copy the root zip file to the SD card of the device

Connect the device to your PC (make sure the device has an SD card inserted) and then copy the zip file from step 2 to the SD card NOT the internal memory.

When you have done that disconnect the device from your PC.

Step 4 – Boot in to recovery mode

Turn off the device and boot in to recovery mode using the following steps.

  • Hold down volume up, home and the power button

The device should then boot in to recovery mode.

Step 5 – Flash the root zip file

On the menu that appears choose Apply update from external storage and browse to the zip file you copied to the device from step 3.

Once this has been done the device will be rooted upon restarting.

Remember to go to the Play Store and download/update the SuperSU application.

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