Choosing the Version of FlexiSPY That’s Right for You

novembro 22, 2018

which version of flexispy is right for you

The holidays are here and if last year is any indication, our inbox’s will soon be bursting at the seams with deals on gadgets, software, and newsletters we forgot we had signed up for. And with our own holiday discount only a day away, we know many of our readers will be trying to choose which version of FlexiSPY is right for them.

The purpose of this post is to answer that question. We’ll compare the differences in our popular mobile products, and will give some examples of who they’re designed for to help you make the best decision.

Let’s start by looking at your choice of products.

Two Versions

FlexiSPY for mobile gives you two versions to choose from — EXTREME, and PREMIUM. We also offer a computer monitoring software product, but since it has only one version there’s no need to discuss it in this post.

Differences Between PREMIUM and EXTREME

FlexiSPY PREMIUM offers enough features to satisfy most monitoring needs. With PREMIUM you are able to do things like remotely monitor chat apps, sms messages, email, photos, videos, and more.

FlexiSPY EXTREME on the other hand gives you all the PREMIUM features as well as letting giving you the ability to do some extremely powerful things unique to FlexiSPY like

  • Record phone calls
  • Intercept live phone calls
  • Listen in on the phone’s surroundings
  • Record calls made in popular chat apps like Facebook
  • Discreetly turn on the phones camera and snap a photo, or video
  • and more.

*See a full list of features here.

What version is right for me?

The answer to this question largely depends on the problems you need FlexiSPY to solve — so let’s look at a couple real world scenarios pulled from our own customer’s experiences. 

Do I need PREMIUM?

If you believe you’ll only need to monitor the basics like text messages, IM’s, photos, videos, call logs, and device location, and you dont think you’d use our more advanced features like call recording, and the others mentioned above, then we recommend FlexiSPY PREMIUM. It’s also worth nothing that you can always upgrade your subscription if it turns out you need the more powerful features.

One type of person we may benefit with PREMIUM over EXTREME is the parent of a trusted child who just wants to use the location tracking feature to make sure their child arrives safely to school every day.

Do I need EXTREME?

On the other hand, if your child has a proven track record of engaging in bad behavior, you’d likely benefit from being able to actually listen in on that call your child is having with a stranger, rather than just see that the call took place — and for this you would need to purchase EXTREME.

Let us help you choose

In the end it comes down to a combination of understanding your requirements, and then using your best judgement — and we can help you with this! Simply head to the website and start a chat with one of our real Live Chat agents, tell them a bit more about why you need FlexiSPY, and they will work with you to figure out which version you’d be most happy with!

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