Keylogger for iPhone — Introducing A New FlexiSPY Feature

maio 24, 2017

Keylogger for iPhone is an exciting addition to FlexiSPY’s iOS features list.  This unique function captures every keystroke entered on a target device, even if a user does not hit send.

What is Keylogger for iPhone?

Free for PREMIUM and EXTREME customers, Keylogger for iPhone records everything that is typed in any of the supported applications – this includes messages, search terms, as well as deleted text. Keylogger for iPhone is useful for parents, employers and even those using the software for personal use, because it helps provide a full snapshot of how and why a specific app is being used.

How does Keylogger for iPhone work?

Any time something is typed into a supported application, such as SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp or LINE, the Keylogger for iPhone records the keystrokes and adds them to a secure log file in your online portal.

Users can log in to the portal and select Key Logs to access the recorded information. Select from the list of supported programs and see exactly what has been typed in the secure file log.

If you are looking for a specific keyword, our convenient search function quickly filters through the stored data to find the information that is relevant to you.

Why is Keylogger for iPhone useful?

Here’s why parents, employers and even those using FlexiSPY for personal use will find the Keylogger for iPhone useful:

First, it helps employers monitor employee activity to ensure protection against insider threats and the prevention of intellectual property loss.

Parents, on the other hand, will find Keylogger for iPhone an essential tool for keeping track of children’s online behavior. This means starting a dialogue about responsible decision-making and being able to step in at the first sign of inappropriate usage or contact with strangers.

For personal use, the Keylogger for iPhone is an excellent resource for backing up your typing history – which comes in handy for disputing claims or confirming terms of agreement with clients and contractors.

A major benefit of Keylogger for iPhone is that it also records deleted text. We mean it when we say this feature records every keystroke, conversation, or search term in the supported applications.

Tell us what you think

What is your opinion on Keylogger for iPhone? Employers – how will this improve your business? Parents – how do you think this feature can help protect your children?

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