Has Your mSpy Data Been Hacked and What You Can Do About It

maio 22, 2015

Update – September 5th, 2018

3 years after mSpy was hacked, and their customer data leaked on the web, it is reported by KrebsonSecurity that millions of sensitive mSpy records have been leaked online — this time due to a security researcher discovering an unsecured mSpy database.

While not technically a hack, it is still disturbing nonetheless, especially as it is alleged that that mSpy ignored warnings from the security researcher, and in fact blocked further communication with the researcher after attempts were made to contact mSpy’s head of security.

We at FlexiSPY understand that no system is 100% invulnerable from attackers, however we are grateful that through our efforts like introducing a bug bounty program, 2FA, and performing extensive security audits, unlike competitors — none of our customer data has ever been leaked online.

Finally, in light of this news, we would like to again extend an offer to mSpy customers who are worried about the safety of their data.

If you are an mSpy customer, we will offer a trade in discount if you purchase FlexiSPY. Find out more here.


Original article:

If you are an mSpy customer, you will no doubt have heard that mSpy has been hacked, and you are probably worried about the possibility that your information is available on the Darknet for download

Getting hacked is terrible, but in defense of mSpy, this happens to many companies, regardless of the security precautions they take. And before the mainstream media starts to get glib and judgmental because they don’t like the idea of monitoring, lets not forget that Visa and MasterCard have been hacked, and their customers details sold to identity thieves.

With the information currently available, it seems likely the breach was carried out by an insider. Going by the reported acrimony between the two co founders, one could speculate that it was an inside job, and not a hack or technology security breach.

While we take no pleasure in mSpy being hacked and we condemn the people involved, we understand that mSpy customers may be worried about their monitoring data.

Therefore, we are offering mSpy customers a discount on a copy of FlexiSPY. If you are a mSpy customer, we will offer a trade in discount if you purchase FlexiSPY. Find out more here.

Timeline & References:

May 15th
Brian Krebs Reports that mSpy was hacked

May 20th
mSpy tells the bbc that no data was hacked

Later that same day,
Krebs on Security publishes article about mSpy’s deceit

May 21st
mSpy admits that the hacking took place

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