Two-Factor Authentication By FlexiSPY

maio 31, 2017

Cyber security is one of the hottest topics in the media these days and we at FlexiSPY take it very seriously. Our customers and their data are our top priority which is why we are proud to announce the addition of Two Factor Authentication (or 2FA) to our software and online portal.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

2FA is an added layer of security to ensure even more protection for users and their personal data. It requires you to enter a two factor authentication code in addition to the standard username and password that most websites, including social media, email and even online banking accounts, require for login.

As it’s become increasingly easier and more common for these single factor authentication login credentials to be compromised – the need for extra safeguards like two step verification has never been more pertinent.

How does Two Factor Authentication work?

2FA is very user-friendly and is free for all FlexiSPY customers. Here’s how it works:

First, Install an authenticator app on your phone or tablet from App Store or Play Store.
Supported apps: Authy, Duo, Google Authenticator

Next, log in to the FlexiSPY online portal as usual, entering your username and password.

After logging in, go to your Account settings, and click the Enable button under two-factor authentication. This will bring up a popup giving instructions for completing setup. After this is done, simply open your authenticator app and enter the one-time code that is sent to your phone each time you log in.

Why is Two Factor Authentication useful?

Two Factor Authentication provides customers with greater protection against cyber criminals than traditional username and password logins by giving you – and only you – physical access to a unique two factor authentication code.

This extra step can reduce insider threats, data and identity theft and even overall operational costs. Plus, it’s free!

We’d love to hear from you

Have you ever used Two Factor Authentication? Do you think all companies should implement this technology? What other security technology do you use?

Let us know your questions and feedback in the comments section below!

*Special note: If you ever get locked out of your two factor authentication, you will need to contact our Support Team directly to remove it from your account.

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