More Visibility Options Now Available for Android 12

Март 19, 2022

Update — August 2022: Suppressing the Indicators No Longer Requires Root. To suppress indicators, simply use the Installation Service

Need to monitor newer phones running Android OS 12? If so, great news!

Until now on Android 12 — whenever an application requested use of the phone’s microphone or camera an indicator would appear on the phone. This was not ideal for parents or employers who wished to use FlexiSPY in complete hidden mode, because it meant that using the RemCam, RemVid, or Ambient Recording features could trigger the indicator and alert the phone user.

That is why today we are delighted to announce that in the latest version of FlexiSPY Normal Mode (Version 4.19.5) the FlexiSPY development team have delivered an incredible workaround resulting in FlexiSPY customers now having the ability to disable these indicators if they desire. Moreover, FlexiSPY is the only monitoring software on the market that manages to do this!

  • This requires that the phone be rooted (See all requirements here)
  • Check if your phone supports FlexiSPY (click here)
  • Find out how FlexiSPY for Android can protect you and your loved ones (click here)

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