Why the World Needs Melania Trump to Download FlexiSPY

กรกฎาคม 7, 2017

donald trump flexispy saves the world

Imagine a place where the most influential vessel of communication is controlled by a spray-tanned humanoid who uses 140 characters to wreak havoc on society – every day creating new enemies and leading the world to the brink of nuclear war. Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to America.

Melania, you have the key to stop this now. Thank you, FlexiSPY and The World.

President Donald Trump has been making headlines for years with his uncensored Twitter rants and attacks on the media, other celebrities, politicians, races, religions and even entire countries. Back when he was a reality TV star this was deemed a bit more acceptable, but now that The Donald currently holds the most powerful position in the world, his outbursts are having supporters on both sides of the political spectrum wondering when someone’s going to give him the old, ‘You’re Fired!’

Body slams and face-lifts

In an era of charged politics and global tension, the world needs a unifying force. A leader that can mend the uncertainty and tears in the social and economic fabric to bring about the positive change that is so desperately needed. And whether President Trump is or isn’t that person, it’s impossible to know amidst the perpetual media frenzy that follows his trail of Twitter shrapnel.

And as Trump’s mental state continues to come into question through the debris of bloody face-lifts and WWE (er, CNN) body slams, some remain optimistic that a glimmer of hope exists in the form of POTUS’ wife, Melania.

An unlikely heroine to be certain, Melania seems to be the apple to Trump’s orange (pun intended) and the public is looking at her seemingly poised demeanor to bring a calm to the White House – and the incessant Twitter rampages. However, even if Mrs. Trump is able to slow down the president’s tweets (honestly, we’re not quite sure what she’s actually capable of doing), we know there’s only so much she and the entire presidential staff can do. That’s where we come in.

But FlexiSPY, how could you possibly save the world?

Two ways. Firstly, we can prevent global disaster at the hands of Trump AND secondly, we can make peace through messages of reconciliation.

Okay, so that may be a bit of a hyperbole – but we don’t think it’s so far off the mark to say that the world’s most powerful monitoring software could actually achieve these goals.

What if the president were to, say, taunt North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about testing nuclear-capable missiles – wait, you mean like he did on July 4th? Or mock Arnold Schwarzenegger for his politics and tv ratings – oh, that happened too. . .

Rewind. Let’s say that Melania had hypothetically installed FlexiSPY on the president’s phone before poking the nuclear bear or chastising the Terminator. Here’s what would play out as she uses FlexiSPY’s sleek Spoof SMS feature, which allows her to send a text to anyone’s phone on Trump’s behalf:

Preventing global disaster – The Donald’s idle hands start typing away at some obscure hour of the early morning. Melania hears the dreaded *ding* on her phone alerting her that someone is about to get Twitter-slammed. Oh no, he’s insulting Kim Jong Un again. Time for damage control. FlexiSPY to the rescue.

Melania signs into her convenient online portal and accesses the Spoof SMS feature. Kimbo! Sorry about that tweet! Honest slip of the fingers. Let me know if you’re ever up for that chat.

Messages of reconciliation – Trump can’t help himself from tweeting after AH-nold’s departure from The Apprentice (because that’s what one does when in charge of the US.) Have no fear, Melania and FlexiSPY are here! Hey Arnold, ignore the latest tweet. Trying to get some ratings – something you wouldn’t know about J/K! Dinner on me soon!

Crises avoided. For now.

That’s not all, folks!

FlexiSPY goes beyond just sending messages of reconciliation. With over 150 monitoring features, our software gives Melania, the US – and really the rest of the world – a strong line of defense against the temperamental musings of a malignant president.

Using Flexispy’s Alert Wizard, Mrs. Trump can receive automatic notifications as soon as preset ‘hot words’ appear in SMS, IM chat or e-mail. That’s right, regardless of the hour or time zone, as quickly as POTUS can type ‘crooked’ or ‘fake news’, Melania could immediately spring into action to encourage a retraction or at least a pause in the action.

The ability to record VoiP calls and phone calls, as well as monitor SMS and social media, will also allow the First Lady to stay on top of the president’s conversations and help him avoid backtracking on any promises he may have made – or forgotten about.

FlexiSPY, more like FLOTUS-SPY

A recent survey of 37 nations conducted by the Pew Research Center found that only “22% has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs.” This number is down from 64% at the end of Obama’s presidency and shows a growing distrust in the US around the world.

Whether you did or didn’t vote for Trump is not the point. The issue is whether or not one of the world’s superpowers is in capable hands – and there seems to be a glaring disconnect when, of all the nations surveyed, only Russia and Israel gave a higher rating to Trump than Obama.

According to Mika Brzezinski, a recent Twitter casualty, President Trump, “appears to have a fragile, impetuous, childlike ego that we have seen over and over again.” And while his business acumen and public presence may make him a leader in his own world, his propensity for lash outs and juvenile tweets doesn’t mean it qualifies him to lead a nation in the real one.

That’s why we fully support the use of FlexiSPY – or shall we say, FLOTUS-SPY – as a tool for keeping the world safe and helping the First Lady make America great again.

Have a Donald in your life? Head over to www.FlexiSPY.com and prevent your own global disaster today!

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