FlexiSPY 2017: A Year In Review

يناير 5, 2018

FlexiSPY a year in review 2017

As we make our way into this new year, we took some time to reflect on the successes of 2017 – and what a successful year it was! Never before have we felt prouder of our teams, more excited for the product developments we released or more grateful for YOU, our exceptional customers. Let’s celebrate together as we take a look at our year in review.

Product Updates

At FlexiSPY, we strive to provide our customers with the latest in monitoring technology and 2017 saw some outstanding advancements across our iPhone and Android platforms – we now support Android Nougat 7.1.1! In terms of features, we’d have to say some of the most memorable additions are the Keylogger, Application Screenshot and RemVid features.

Application Screenshot: Available for both Android and iPhone, this feature allows users to take remote screenshots of an app even while it’s in use. This is a remarkable tool that gives you an inside look at how an application is used – plus it’s available for both rooted and non-rooted devices. So, even if you’re unable to monitor popular chat applications with your subscription, you will still have a snapshot each conversation uploaded directly to your online portal with this feature.

Keylogger: Also for Android and iPhone devices, FlexiSPY’s keylogger is the best on the market. It records every keystroke that is typed into supported programs and applications – including deleted text. Capture search terms, conversations, emails and so much more! The best part? It’s available for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

RemVid: This feature is available to FlexiSPY EXTREME subscribers and we’d have to say this feature alone is worth the upgraded subscription. With RemVid (remote video), you have the ability to remotely access a phone’s camera and activate it to record videos of its surroundings.

Other notable features were added to our iOS platform. Compatible devices are now able to capture private Instagram stories, as well as send push commands to automatically sync changes made inside your portal to the target phone!

Portal Updates

In addition to upgrading FlexiSPY itself, we know how important it is for our customers to have a sleek and secure customer experience. Therefore, we made it easier to access the data you need with Alert Wizard and Device Status Indicator updates – and safer to use by introducing 2-Factor Authentication.

Alert Wizard: Now mobile and computer users can take advantage of FlexiSPY’s Alert Wizard. This feature lets you select specific keywords or phrases that you want to monitor and sends you an alert every time they are used. This is extremely useful for parents who want to make sure their children aren’t up to any illicit behavior or for employers who need to know when company-related ‘hot’ words are being used.

Device Status Indicator: It can be stressful not knowing why the target device isn’t sending new data, so we added the Status Indicator to the user portal. When you log in, you can now see if the device is connected with our color-coded signals. Green means connected and Yellow means idle (no data sent within the last 10 minutes).

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): We added another layer of security to our user experience with 2FA. This easy-to-use feature provides more security than a traditional username and password, because it requires a code that is sent directly to you. Now you can rest easy knowing your data is safe and that only you can access it.

New Releases

In addition to improving our current products, FlexiSPY’s in-house design and development teams are constantly looking for new ways to expand our offerings and improve the customer experience. We can’t wait to see how they top FlexiSPY EXPRESS and FlexiVIEW – our first-of-its-kind mobile viewer app – in 2018!

FlexiSPY EXPRESS Delivers Pre-Installed Phone To Your Door

One of 2017’s biggest releases is FlexiSPY EXPRESS – a brand-new service that gives you the full FlexiSPY experience without any hassle of finding a compatible phone or installing the software. Choose your FlexiSPY subscription, select a compatible phone model and wait for delivery. It’s easy, worry-free and makes the perfect gift for kids!

FlexiVIEW App Lets You Access Data On The Go

FlexiSPY released a FREE mobile viewer app – an industry first – that further solidified our status as the leader in monitoring software. FlexiVIEW makes accessing the data that’s important to you even easier, so you can truly have peace of mind when protecting your family or business from online or mobile dangers.

YouTube Channel Means More Content For YOU

With so many unique features, FlexiSPY can seem overwhelming. That’s why we launched our official YouTube channel – to bring fresh and useful content to our customers. You can expect easy-to-understand videos that focus on helping customers make the most of their FlexiSPY experience. Let us know if you have any video suggestions!

It’s Going To Be A Great Year

The energy is high over here at FlexiSPY HQ and we are motivated by our year in review to make this year even better than the last. We fully intend on continuing to provide exciting new product and feature updates, the most pertinent commentary on current events and the best all-around experience in the monitoring software market. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support – and get excited for 2018!

Customers come first at FlexiSPY and we take your feedback to heart. If you have any ideas for new features, content or ways to improve, be sure to LET US KNOW in the comments! And be sure to subscribe to our Blog and Newsletter to stay up-to-date on the all things FlexiSPY!

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