FlexiSPY Announces iPhone EXTREME Weekly

مايو 15, 2020

FlexiSPY is excited to announce FlexiSPY iPhone EXTREME 1-Week — a solution specifically built for those with iPhones that can only run in Tethered Mode

The one-week subscription provides plenty of flexibility, allowing you to pause your subscription and restart at any time, while giving you the most powerful version of FlexiSPY — FlexiSPY EXTREME.

Available for just $19.99 — this product is easy on wallet yet packed with FlexiSPY EXTREME’s unique features, which you won’t find with any other competitor, including favorites such as Live Listening, Ambient Recording, and Facetime Call Recording.

And because FlexiSPY is the only spy app that can monitor newer iPhones, and so called ‘iCloud’ spy apps rarely live up to their promise — if you want reveal secrets on an iPhone, no matter where you are — then FlexiSPY is your only option.

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