mSpy hacked again: here’s what to do next

يوليو 3, 2024

For the third time, mSpy has been hacked — exposing millions of private customer records.

In this latest hack — brought to light in June 2024 — an anonymous attacker infiltrated mSpy’s support ticketing system and published 150 GB of the database containing user data, the contents of 5 million tickets, and their attachments. This is a significant breach of security!

Are You an mSpy Customer? Read to the End for Important Instructions

The repeated breaches should not surprise those familiar with the saga of lower-end-of-the-market spy apps being hacked due to inadequate security measures. After all, mSpy allegedly ignored warnings from a security researcher before their second hack in 2018.

What we find interesting about this hack is the analysis by the researcher contacted by the anonymous hacker who broke the story. In it, the researcher reveals mspy’s alleged shady business practices. The researcher criticizes mSpy’s support for “horrible communication” and describes the company as operating a predatory subscription scheme, and luring customers with free trials that auto-renew into costly monthly or yearly subscriptions!

According to the analysis, canceling the service requires contacting support, making it difficult for users to avoid overrunning the trial. Furthermore, securing a refund can be challenging, with reports of mSpy ignoring support requests altogether.

mSpy Customer? Here’s What to Do Next

While we condemn the hacking incident, we understand that customers are concerned about their information. For this reason, we are pleased to offer mSpy users the following promotions:

  • Trade-In Discount on FlexiSPY: You can exchange your mSpy license for a discounted purchase of FlexiSPY here.
  • Exclusive Discount on Preinstalled Phones: After obtaining your discounted FlexiSPY license, you can receive an exclusive discount on an express preinstalled phone of your choice. Simply Enter code MSPY33% at express checkout and get 33% off any Preinstalled for the next 33 orders

Additionally, we want to remind everyone that FlexiSPY has a 100% perfect track record regarding customer data security — which our competitors can’t say

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