How Hollywood Got GPS Tracking All Wrong

julio 16, 2015

We’ve all seen it before. Camera pans in onto a woman as she types into google “how to track a phones gps location.” She clicks on the first link in the search results. A page appears on her computer screen, telling her to type the phone number into the field and press enter.

A few spins of the loading wheel later and boom! Her husband’s gps location pops up with a red bracket indicator, X marks the spot, and he’s not at the bar!


This is how gps tracking technology is portrayed in just about every soap opera that exists. So it’s no wonder that we believe that it’s so simple to get a person’s gps location.

But how can you really track someone via their phone’s gps?


Unless you are law enforcement, you probably don’t have this kind of access to gps tracking technology. right?

While not as easy as typing in their phone number and clicking a big button, there are ways to track someones gps location.

The first thing to know about gps tracking is that you will need to physically install spy software onto the phone that you are wanting to spy on. This doesn’t mean that you will be attaching a big antenna to their phone, it just means that you will need to have their phone in your hand.

bear in mind that iOS devices like an iPhone will need to be jailbroken first before you even think about getting your spy on as Apple keeps things secure for the most part.

If the phone you want to track is an Android phone then you are in luck and no further alterations will need to be made.

Finally, you will also need to be able to get past any lock screen that the phone has..

Which spy software fits your needs?

You will need to do a bit of research on which spy software to purchase, or you can just take our word for it and choose our top pick. Either way, a good jumping point for research would be the website spyphonereview There’s actually a team of testers there that put spy phone software through the reins and then publish their results, unlike other review sites.

After you purchased the spy software of your choosing, you then need to install and activate it onto the persons phone that you want to spy on.

If you chose FlexiSPY then you are in luck and here’s a quick setup guide for getting started.

Will they ever get it right?

Recently hollywood has been paying more attention to the techniques used in actual hacking, like the show Mr. Robot which has been praised for its showing of real spy tools, including an episode where they showed FlexiSPY being used. But this is just one show that is putting in the research time. You can bet that there are sure to be many more distasteful displays of how this type of software works to come.

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