Application Screenshot for Android – Now Available

1월 12, 2018

The wait is over Android users. FlexiSPY is proud to announce the release of the best screenshot app on the market – Application Screenshot for Android! Never miss another detail with real time screenshots of supported applications that matter to you.

What Is App Screenshot Software?

The Application Screenshot for Android feature allows customers to take remote screenshots of supported apps while they are in use. This screenshot tool takes pictures of an application and automatically uploads them to your online user portal for convenient viewing – you can even download the files to your computer for later use.

This powerful function is available to PREMIUM and EXTREME FlexiSPY users with rooted Android devices. See if your device is compatible before installing FlexiSPY and check out our worry-free installation service.

How To Take A Screenshot On An Android Phone With FlexiSPY

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be snapping screenshots in no time:

  1. Login to your online portal
  2. Select Apps Screenshot on the left
  3. Here you see all supported applications
  4. Choose Monitored Application to select the programs to monitor
  5. FlexiSPY uploads screenshots to the online portal
  6. Click any application to view its images
  7. Track images by their date and time stamps
  8. Enlarge or delete any app screenshot
  9. Star important files for easy access in the future

FlexiSPY’s app screenshot feature is easy to use and customizable for your preferences. You can set the program to snap screenshots of supported apps inside the dashboard and view the images in their app-specific folders.

Why Is FlexiSPY The Best Screenshot App?

FlexiSPY’s Application Screenshot for Android gives you the power to protect what is important by providing insight into how people use their Android apps. Parents, employers and individual users can all benefit from the world’s best screenshot app:

Parents use our screenshot software monitor application usage and to protect children from online predators or cyberbullies.

Employers often monitor company phone usage to ensure employees are conducting business appropriately. The images taken by FlexiSPY’s screenshot app are extremely useful for evidencing insider threats and uncovering corporate espionage.

Individuals find Application Screenshot is perfect for those who are prone to losing their phones. With screenshots automatically saved to your secure online portal, you’ll never have to worry about losing important conversations or contact information.

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