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Setting up parental controls for Mac is an action that could make your children a lot safer. If you’re interested in keeping your kids safe, then you’re in the right place. Following these easy steps, you’ll be able to effectively limit a number of variables, including what games they can play, what content they can access on the web, and even control long they can use they can use the mac each day.


Turn on parental controls for an existing user

Do the following.

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Parental Controls, click the lock if it’s not unlocked, and then enter an administrator name and password.Select the user, click Enable Parental Controls, and then set up the controls.

Create a new user to manage with parental controls

You can also create a new user to manage.

  • Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Parental Controls. If you see a lock, click it to unlock it, and then enter an administrator name and password.
    • If there are users that can be managed using parental controls, click Add (+) below the list of users, enter name and password information, click Create Account, and then set up the controls.
    • If there are no users that can be managed using parental controls, you can create a new user with parental controls or convert the logged-in user to a user with parental controls. For more information, click the Help button in the pane that appears in this situation.

What you can control with parental controls.

Limiting Website Access

You can limit website access for your kids if you don’t want them to be browsing the entire world-wide-web


Clicking the customize button, you’ll be able to add any sites that you feel are appropriate for your child, or add any websites to a blacklist that will block their access to it.


Limiting Applications

If you have important data stored on certain computer applications, you don’t want your kid accessing or accidentally deleting that info.


Limit Time

If you want your kid to get anything done – schoolwork, chores, socializing outside the home, or even to just participate in having a family meal, you’ll probably need to limit their time on the mac..



These are just a few of the many customizations you can make for parental control, but there’s actually tons of options you can choose from, making sure that your kids are as safe as possible on the computer.