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breaking bad 1x1 FlexiSPY Free Trial | Coming Soon

Update:  A new free trial system is in the works, so for now, we will not be generating any new free trial licenses. We expect that our improved trial program will get rolling in early November, but we advise that you follow us via one of our social media channels to stay up to date.

Put the words Free, and Trial together and it’s guaranteed to get attention . In fact,” flexispy for free” or ‘free spyphone” are among the most popular search terms on our site.

Why is this? Are these people just freeloaders or is there something else we are missing.

There could be many reasons, but we think that a few bad spyphone vendors have made people mistrustful of the business as a whole. So we decided to prove to customers that FlexiSPY is the brand to trust when it comes to mobile device monitoring.

To do this, we will soon be offering one day FlexiSPY EXTREME licenses (We’re expecting to roll the new free trial program in early November, please subscribe to the blog or follow us through our social media to stay up to date on this), absolutely free, with no credit card required. All we ask in return is that you help us get the word out by Facebook , twitter or google plus.


  FlexiSPY does not run surreptitiously as it offers the user the choice of showing the icon on the device if required.

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