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Can I Spy On My Child’s Phone?

Worried about your teenager? Who are they hanging out with? What are they doing after school? Is my child being bullied? Is my child into drugs? These are all valid – and common – concerns of a parent. You probably bought your teen a phone – a cute iPhone or a techie...

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Scammed by Spyphone Software? Here’s What To Do

At Flexispy, we are always trying to get consumers the best value for their money. As part of achieving that goal, we actually buy and test all Spyphone software on the market. That way, we can tell customers what they can expect when they purchase any brand of...

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GPS Tracking – How Far Can the Employer Go?

There are many reasons an employer may want to use GPS location tracking technology to monitor the whereabouts of its employees. These are some examples of where GPS tracking might provide some degree of help in the workplace: You suspect an employee of misusing...

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Recording and Monitoring Employee Calls in the US

As an employer, you might have several reasons to listen in or record your employee’s telephone calls. As telephones have become mobile, in addition to your regular land-line phones, your staff might be using mobile phones and smart phones, whether company-issued or...

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Are you Going to Bug Your Workplace?

This is the first in a series of posts about using spy technology at the workplace.  We’re going to look at this both from the employer’s perspective and from the employee’s perspective. Spying raises many legal issues, particularly employee monitoring.  Employers...

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