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I’m currently using hoverwatch but it doesn’t have many of the options that FlexiSPY offers. These additional choices such as call monitoring, keylogging, and the ability to record my child’s surroundings will add to my piece of mind.

I purchased Highstermobile and the brand new HTC target phone (3 days old) quit receiving calls. They went straight to voicemail. I uninstalled Highstermobile and it still wouldn’t work. Took the phone back and they replaced it with an additional activation fee. Highster wants me to buy again for the new phone. I’m looking for something with live tech support.

my issue with mSpy: no phone calls, no ambient recording, no images/photos received/sent in facebook messages

I current have Qustido app for monitoring on 2 phones a Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy S9 plus. The S7 runs fine but it doesn’t work on S9 and is very glitchy when it does work. For example the location tracking is off by miles when the phone is not even away from home.. Oh and customer service is non existent.

mSpy should Learn From you guys

I recently purchased spymasterpro version from their company, they took my money off of my credit card and their support team has not got back with me one time .

I just recently bought SimpleCellPhoneSpy and it said it was 100% proven to work and could be installed without having to have the target phone. After installing the program onto my laptop it dialed into the target phone but would not show anything on their dashboard and said I had to download their unblocker program since the target phone is running Antivirus. After it loaded up onto my screen I had to click onto the possible Antivirus blocker names, and as soon as I clicked the first one it popped up a warning sign so I had to click continue which took me to a page that said my account was now being monitored. I sent them emails and always got the same reply about installing the u blocker program etc which keeps popping up warning no matter what Antivirus program I clicked. I did uninstall their entire program from my laptop. They said since it popped up a warning that I was now not eligible for a refund. It’s sad to spend 97.00 on a program that I desperately needed.

I had mspy but they no longer do call recording.

StealthGenie should add more features

It’d be nice if mSpy would fix the major issues with the software BEFORE they sold it.

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