Top 10 Monitoring Features From FlexiSPY

Februar 9, 2018

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With more than 150+ unique features, FlexiSPY continues to stay at the forefront of the monitoring software industry. Our features range from the most basic to the most advanced features you cannot find with any other product. This means you’ll have access to everything from spy on calendar, view phone contacts and SMS tracker to Facebook spy, remote recording and live call listening.

Here are the Top 10 monitoring features that set FlexiSPY apart. Because, let’s be honest, we didn’t become the world’s most powerful monitoring software by providing the same things as everyone else.

Top 10 Monitoring Features

1. WhatsApp Spy: FlexiSPY makes it possible to spy on WhatsApp – the world’s most popular chat application. This means you can monitor all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, including those that have been deleted. In addition, you can record VoIP calls made using WhatsApp, so you never miss a detail. FlexiSPY also lets you spy on other popular instant messenger apps like Facebook, LINE and Skype.

2. SMS Tracker: Our SMS Tracker does more than give you access to all inbound and outbound text messages. You can access contact details for both the sender and receiver, and date and time stamps for each message. FlexiSPY even lets you mark specific keywords in conversations and set these for auto-deletion before they are ever read!

3. Keylogger: We make it easy to protect your family and business with our Keylogger for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac. FlexiSPY will capture every keystroke that is typed on a computer – while users of our Keylogger for Android and Keylogger for iPhone will be able to access key logs for messages, search terms and text typed on a mobile device.

4. FlexiSPY Express: Okay, so this isn’t technically a feature, but we couldn’t leave out this exciting product offering. FlexiSPY Express delivers a mobile phone – pre-installed with FlexiSPY – directly to your door. Simply select your FlexiSPY subscription, choose your desired phone model and wait for the package. Learn more about why FlexiSPY Express makes the ultimate gift for holidays or birthdays!

5. Ambient Recording: Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? With FlexiSPY’s ambient recording app, you can remotely activate a cell phone’s microphone and record what is happening. Set a routine schedule or activate ambient recording to record now! You can also access a phone’s camera with RemCam or remotely record videos with our RemVid.

6. Spoof SMS: Sending fake text messages is a necessary feature for employers and parents alike. You can confirm suspicions about corporate espionage or end communication between your daughter and her questionable new friends. Send a Spoof SMS to anyone in the phone’s contacts – just be sure your message sounds like the user!

7. VoIP Call Recording: It’s becoming more and more common to make calls using VoIP applications like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype – which means it’s more important than ever to monitor these programs. FlexiSPY’s VoIP call recording automatically records any call made using these applications. It then uploads the files to your online user portal for listening at any time.

8. Call Intercept: Did you know you can listen to live phone calls – in real time – with FlexiSPY? It’s true and works with compatible Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Symbian devices! Our live call intercept feature allows users to remotely participate in a phone call as it’s happening – without being detected. It’s like having a direct line to the target phone. Learn how to release your inner James Bond with Call Interception 101.

9. Application Screenshots: While some products only give you access to one side of a conversation, FlexiSPY gives you the full picture – literally. With our Application Screenshots feature, you can take remote snapshots of the target phone when a supported application is being used. And the best part? It’s free for all Android and iPhone users with compatible rooted phones!

10. Hidden GPS Tracker: FlexiSPY provides accurate, real-time location tracking – in addition to a map of current and historical locations – so you never have to worry again about where your children are at night. FlexiSPY’s hidden GPS tracker app is also great for employers keeping track of their offsite teams!

Tell Us Your Thoughts

While we could go on and on about FlexiSPY features – we get excited about these things – we would LOVE to hear from you! Which features do you like the best? Which ones do you use most often? What features would you like to see added?

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