Spy Software Visibility | Is Your Spy Software Really Hidden?

mayo 30, 2014

All spy software products promise to be “completely hidden,” “undetectable,” “totally invisible” or similar. But are they really? If your spy software isn’t truly hidden, not only will it ultimately fail in the end, but you may also end up seriously busted.


Stealth is important when purchasing Spy Phone software

In this series of Visibility articles we discuss the importance of stealth operation and investigate how well each application truly remains hidden.

We’ll be looking at StealthGenie, MSpy, Mobile Spy and MobiStealth, and comparing each of these with FlexiSPY. We’ll also give you screenshot examples of what we found. This series compares the major spy software and monitoring apps for the Android platform.

Stealth operation comes down to a handful of important questions such as:

  • Is the application itself well hidden or can it be easily found and disabled by the user? Is it found by anti-virus and security apps?
  • Does the monitoring app interfere with normal use of the phone?
  • Does it eat too much battery or consume noticeable amounts of data?
  • Does it bring attention to itself in other ways?

Stealth operation is more than just hiding an icon. All of FlexiSPY’s competitors are only partially hidden at best. Whether advertised as discreet, hidden or even fully invisible, the software can still be found in numerous ways. Sometimes it’s even easier than you’d expect.

  • Sometimes an app may be found directly from the Application Manager itself. From there an experienced user can track its resource and data usage, kill its running processes or even uninstall it.
  • Another monitoring app may be spotted by an antivirus utility, notifying the user with a warning to the screen and an offer to automatically uninstall it.
  • Other apps may leave behind the icon to a rooting utility that was installed as a dependency.
  • If not hidden properly, a wealth of system utilities can also report on the app’s percentage of battery, CPU time, memory and total data usage.

FlexiSPY’s Visibility series deals with the actual visibility level of the main spyphone competitors in five basic areas. You can find these articles on SpyPhoneReview here, or directly at the links given above.

For even more information, we’ve also conducted in depth reviews covering visibility and more which can be found here.


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