Retina X Hack – What Should Customers Do

3월 7, 2018

retina x closes shop

If you are a customer of Retina X or use any of their products including:

  • Mobile Spy
  • Phone Sherriff
  • Teen Shield
  • Sniper Spy

You are probably aware that Retina X was illegally hacked and — as a Retina X customer —you are wondering what is happening with your child or employee data, if you can you get your money back and what do you do next.

Firstly, your data.

Its important to realize that these hacks are glorified and implicitly encouraged by the tabloid sections of online media.

These bloggers, amplify and celebrate these illegal activities carried out against legitimate companies, and take possession of your child or employees data directly from the hackers.

Indeed, these writers have been known to actively coordinate with these self-proclaimed vigilante hackers, and they ignore the fact that hacking a legal company like Retina X Studios is a crime.

In fact, they even set up secure communication channels with criminals, in order to have plausible deniability.

Instead of helping law enforcement catch the wrongdoers, they provide a platform for these hackers, and then —adding insult to injury — portray parents, employers and companies as stalkers, lowlife or criminals.

Yet the irony is that the many of the most vociferous opponents of monitoring are the worst kind of abusers, including members of the media themselves.

While only the hackers know where the stolen data is, if you are concerned about your Retina X data, you may wish to contact the bloggers who are actually reading your data. They also advertise an encrypted private messaging channel for hackers to communicate with them — perhaps you can ask them to send a message to the hacker on your behalf.

On the subject of money, you will get your money back, because — to their credit — Retina X have offered to refund customers.

However, for parents and employers who are active Retina X customers and who wish to continue protecting their dependents, FlexiSPY offers a trade in program where you can purchase FlexiSPY for Mobile or Computers at a discount price.

This offer applies to Mobile Spy, Sniper Spy, Teen Shield and Phone Sheriff products

While we are far from complacent— and understand that a company getting hacked is not a matter of if, but when— FlexiSPY has never had customer data hacked. We have watched all the hacks performed in this industry, and each time we continue to improve the security of customer data.

Finally, would like to say that unlike many other competitors. Retina X have always been decent, honest and innovative, and we hope that they recover from this situation quickly.

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