SpyFone Exposed by Android 10

janeiro 23, 2020

Do you need to hide your SpyFone installation from your child or employee?

If so, be aware that if SpyFone is installed on an Android 10 Device, it will display an application icon that will be visible to the user – there is no way to remove it

What can I do?

Icon Visibility – Why Its Important

Many parents and employers do not want their child or employee to be able to remove the monitoring software without administrator permission. Advertising the monitoring application encourages the user to attempt to circumvent, interfere or remove the monitoring product.

For this reason, the monitoring software should allow the choice of hiding or showing the icon

What exactly does the SpyFone App Icon do on Android 10

If SpyFone is installed on Android 10, an icon called ‘WIFI’ and ‘System Services’ is created and visible. If this icon is selected, then the user is able to remove the software. Here’s a screenshot showing this

How SpyFone appears on a Samsung Galaxy running Android 10

What Can Be Done

At this moment, there is no way to make SpyFone invisible. The choice is to replace SpyFone with another monitoring app that is invisible.

Our testing shows that all mobile monitoring products on the market that run on Android 10 are affected. Please see the table below

SpyFone admitting their app is visible

SpyFone customer support verifying that mSpy is not hidden

What Next?

  1. If you require a spy app that can be hidden, we recommend looking into FlexiSPY
  2. Unsatisfied SpyFone customer? Trade in your license for a copy of FlexiSPY
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