5 Computer Monitoring Software Features You Need…Now!

June 22, 2018

Let’s face it, the world we live in is a scary place. Big brother is always watching. Hackers are rampant. Nothing is safe. And while we may have taken a few dramatic liberties just now, the underlying message is still the same: we live in an era of over-connectivity where the need to protect your information – both at home and at the office – is more important than ever.

Here are five computer monitoring software features that you need to ensure your families and your businesses stay secure.


A keylogger is an extraordinary feature of computer monitoring software that allows you to capture every keystroke that is typed on a Mac or PC. This includes every time a person enters an internet search term, types a word document, jots down a quick message on a sticky note, and more. Not only does the keylogger save the keystrokes that have been typed, but it even documents any text that has been deleted. This ensures you never miss anything that is entered on your device.

The keylogger is an essential tool for business owners looking to track employee productivity and make sure that corporate data and intellectual property are being communicated with the utmost care. A keylogger is also a feature of computer monitoring software that provides an added layer of security for parents who want to confirm their children are making responsible decisions online and only looking at age-appropriate material.

Email Monitoring

Next to a keylogger, email monitoring is the second most important feature of computer monitoring software. This feature allows you to instantly read all incoming and outgoing messages, as well as providing the time-stamp and contact details of the person sending the message. You even have access to major email providers, including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Office 365 for desktop and Microsoft Outlook 365 webmail.

Email monitoring is a priceless tool for business owners who can flag keywords in employee communication as a preventative measure for stopping data breaches; or search through email history logs during an audit for best business practice. This computer monitoring software feature is also necessary for parents concerned about the well-being of their children are able to step in at the first sign of danger or risky communication with potential online sexual predators.

IM & Chat Monitoring

Much like the SMS tracker found in mobile monitoring, tracking instant messages is an extremely useful feature of computer monitoring software. You can read incoming, outgoing and deleted messages from the world’s most popular chat applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and more. This feature also lets you see group chats, conversation dates and times, the profile picture of the chat recipients, as well as photos, stickers, and other media files exchanged.

You can’t be everywhere at once, and while some of us wish we could, IM monitoring at least provides some security in knowing what your employees are discussing while you’re on family vacation and what your kids are chatting about when you’re away at work. Use this as a tool to improve employee productivity and discourage time-wasting on social media, as a conversation starter about sexual harassment in the workplace, or as a way to step in at the first sign of cyberbullying both with employees and your children – computer monitoring software used in this capacity alone can save lives.

Monitor Device Usage

Computer monitoring software keeps a log of all data and PC/Mac activity you need to paint a full picture of how your devices are being used. You can track network connections, including everything from bandwith usage, user log-ins, and print jobs; monitor internet activity such as browsing history, bookmarks, and URLs; and even see which files were opened, modified, and sent, and by whom.

Understanding how your computers are used is important, because it allows you to develop strategies for a more efficient workplace, implement new security measures for sensitive information, and protect your device from being tampered with.

Visibility Modes

The best computer monitoring software gives you the option to run in either visible or hidden mode. With this flexibility, you have the power to determine the best method for tracking your devices. Hidden mode is perfect for business owners who suspect someone has been stealing confidential information from their computer after leaving the office; use the keylogger function to track keystrokes and stop hacking before it’s too late. Parents can also find hidden mode useful, especially if they have noticed alarming behavioral changes in their children and want to be sure their son or daughter is okay.

Visible mode, on the other hand, is an exceptional tool for tracking employee productivity, backing up emails and documents, and maximizing device and network performance. Remember to always use computer monitoring software responsibly and to ensure employees are notified of its use on company equipment.

What Is The Best Computer Monitoring Software For Me?

The best computer monitoring software is one that provides a variety of basic and advanced features that suit your personal needs. Business owners may find the keylogger, email monitoring and network activity monitoring the most useful features, while parents may be keener to take advantage of the keylogger, IM monitoring, and tracking device usage. Whatever your reason for using computer monitoring software, one thing remains the same – it is never too early to protect the business or family you worked so hard to build.

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