5 Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe On The Internet

November 12, 2013

Keeping Your Child Safe On The Internet
Picture This,

Your kid is chatting with friends on Facebook when a message suddenly appears from someone your child doesn’t know. Is your child going to find you and tell you that a stranger is talking with them, or is your child going to reply to learn more about this mysterious person? erm… What do you think?

Thankfully there’s a solution to almost every problem, and if you follow our guide through these Important steps, you’ll have the knowledge to ensure your kids are safe and secure on the internet.

Tip #1 – Know the playing field

The top 3 most commonly social media that teens are using today.

  1. Facebook – a recent study showed that 94% of U.S. teens have active profiles on this social networking platform.
  2. Twitter – 26% of all U.S. teens use twitter.
  3. Instagram – 11% of U.S. teens are active on this social media site.

Tip #2 – Set boundaries The Easy Way

Parents rarely know just how much time their kids are spending on the internet, or what sites they’re visiting. Here are 2 easy guides to setting up Parental controls for Windows & Mac

  • How-To Set Up Parental controls for Windows
  • How-To Set Up Parental controls for Mac

Tip #3 – You need to know their Facebook Privacy Settings

Is your home address listed on your child’s Facebook? What about their cell-phone number, or maybe the school they go to? No stranger that is roaming around on social media should be able to access this information, but if privacy settings aren’t set up correctly, they WILL see this information – your child could become a victim.

Here’s a guide to setting up Facebook privacy correctly.

10 Privacy Settings every Facebook User Needs to Know

Tip #4 – Where is the computer? Placement is Key

Designate a central place in the house for the computer

If your child knows he/she is being monitored by everyone walking past the computer screen, they’ll be more careful about the sites they visit. If the computer is in their room behind closed doors, they are more likely to visit nefarious websites or chat with strange people that could put them in danger.

Tip #5 – Find out what they’re doing on their SmartPhones NOW or you’ll regret it later

Children and Teens are now starting to use Smartphones more often than computers for internet activities.

Any parent that’s serious about keeping their children safe on the internet will be monitoring their cellular device. Today’s youth are using smartphones for just about all of their social media activities. In-fact, there’s a mass-exodus taking place with & social media on computers. Teens are now switching over to popular messaging apps ONLY available on SmartPhones, and are increasingly no-longer using the computer for their social needs.

A Phone is Ultra-Private, if its not in your teens hand, its in their pocket. Trying to figure out what they’re up up to on their mobile phone is nearly impossible… Unless you use a monitoring solution.

Here’s The Deal

There are TONS of smartphone monitoring apps available on the marketplace, and most of them suck. Before you pull out your credit card, you need to make sure that the software will monitor every aspect of their mobile device – their text messages, pictures, email, Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram – everything. Then, you need to make sure that it will do the monitoring invisibly. Do a little research and if the features are there, go ahead and start monitoring your kids phone, the longer you wait, the more information you’re losing out on. Our software has loads of reviews from industry experts, try finding a review for a competitors site and you’ll easily see the difference between us and the rest.

A good monitoring software will have a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing you can really lose by trying it out. We have a great monitoring solution, that we’re extremely proud of, and that you can try today -10 day money back guarantee included. Read more of our posts or See more of what FlexiSPY can do for you

Keeping Your Child Safe On The Internet

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