You Can Take the Journalist Out the Tabloids, but You Can’t Take the Tabloid Out the Journalist

January 25, 2018

We noticed an interesting story reported by Joseph Cox in Motherboard regarding the use of FlexiSPY by law enforcement.

There are two interesting points about this story from our point of view.

First, it proves the argument that FlexiSPY software is not illegal. As we have always pointed out to the few, but loud, self-righteous, virtue signaling, SJW media — FlexiSPY is an extremely powerful piece of software that has many legitimate uses. In this case, usage by law enforcement to monitor and track suspects is one of them.

Now, with our libertarian beliefs, we can’t say that we are happy with this, but whether police officers or stalkers use our product, there is very little we can do to stop this abuse of personal liberty — its down to the user, not the product.

The second interesting point highlights the reflexive use of tabloid techniques that are, perhaps unconsciously, used by the author — Namely including information that adds no value to the story, and appears to be only there for salacious titillation or to smear our company.

For example:

” Previously, FlexiSpy explicitly marketed the product to jealous lovers to spy on their spouses. “Many spouses cheat. They all use cell phones. Their cell phone will tell you what they won’t,” one piece of marketing material reads…”

What possible value does this information — which is ancient history — add to the story?

To illustrate, let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine somebody responding to this Joseph Cox article were to say:

“A very thought provoking article written by Joseph Cox — known associate of rapists and cyber criminals — points out that products are not illegal, but behaviors are. ”

In this thought experiment, what would the reason be to point out that Joseph Cox’s friends include ‘Morgan the Rapist‘, and cyber criminal Leopard Boy, how does that relate to the story in any way?

It may be true, it may be ancient history, but why would anyone point this out — what value does it serve, and what would the motives be?

Would be interesting to hear what Joseph’s reply would be to the thought experiment.

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