Why FlexiSPY Is The Best SMS Tracker

December 22, 2017

flexispy best sms tracker

How do you determine the best SMS tracker app for your needs when it seems so many companies are providing similar products? We take a look at what sets FlexiSPY apart and why the need for parents and employers to monitor text messages is greater than ever before. 

What Makes FlexiSPY The Best SMS Tracker

For starters, FlexiSPY’s SMS Tracker is more than just a basic feature attached to our monitoring software. Instead, it’s a powerful tool that can be purchased as a standalone app – with a number of exciting features not offered by competitors – OR it can be upgraded to the world’s premier spy app with a PREMIUM or EXTREME FlexiSPY license. 

Our SMS Tracker lets you: 

  • Spy on text messages – even those that have been deleted 
  • See date and time stamps, as well as contact details for each SMS
  • Delete messages before they are received 
  • Send Spoof SMS 
  • Upgrade to more than 150+ monitoring features 

How Do SMS Trackers Work? 

It’s actually very easy! Head to our SMS Tracker page, select your preferred product, install FlexiSPY and our software will immediately start capturing all incoming and outgoing text messages. Data is then uploaded directly to your online portal where you can view, download or delete important messages.  

Check out this exciting video that explains just how easy it is to use: 

Who Needs An SMS Tracker? 

We live in a world where traditional phone calls have taken a backseat to texting, which makes FlexiSPY’s SMS Tracker the perfect monitoring solution for parents looking to protect their children, employers looking to protect their companies and individuals looking to protect (and back-up) their SMS conversations. 

No other SMS tracker apps offer the same premium service or long list of 150+ features that comes with FlexiSPY – plus we are compatible with Android and iPhone devices.  

So why not see for yourself why smstracker-apps.com gave our SMS Tracker a 95/100 in their FlexiSPY Review!

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