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March 1, 2016

This is the first post in our series about real FlexiSPY customers and their experiences with our software. 

This story comes from a Licensed Private Investigator, Kirk Menard, who’s been using mobile phone monitoring in his investigations for years. His views expressed here are written from his perspective alone.

Why I Chose FlexiSPY

As with any job, you need the correct tools for the job and the world of investigations is no exception to the rule.

As a licensed private investigator, I have appeared on numerous news outlets such as CNN, ABC News, CBS News, New York Times, ID Channel (Brutal Bayou), Vice Magazine, The Independent Weekly Magazine, PI Magazine, KATC News, KLFY News, KPLC News, WWLTV News, and I will star in my own reality television series “HOMICIDAL” which are real-life accounts of unsolved homicides and real-life and real-time investigations of the cases assigned.

I am also approved to instruct the Louisiana Private Investigator Course by the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners.

My Experience With FlexiSPY

I am a user of FlexiSPY Extreme and have been using FlexiSPY for several years -and will continue to use FlexiSPY as a tool to protect children (missing and from predatory attacks and attempted attacks), protect witnesses, protect an employer’s resources from abuse of cellular phones by employees, collect information from sources of information of crimes and wrongdoing, locate criminals and those that attempt to escape from justice when out of bail and a host of other uses.

I also instruct the students in my private investigation courses on the legal aspects of FlexiSPY and how to use FlexiSPY to achieve maximum results for clients.

Ambient Recording

One such use that is important to us is the ambient recording and if the phone is rooted then you can record using the target phone (the phone that the software is installed on) by activating the speakerphone and you can set the recording time in any increment you want, up to 60 minutes, for rooted phones (we normally use 5 or 15 minute intervals because if the target phone receives a phone call and the call is answered it will stop the ambient recording. You will, however, have access to the phone call).

The ambient recording feature is especially useful because the speakerphone is more sensitive than actually listening in on a phone call and the ambient recording feature is undetectable.. Nobody knows that the target phone is recording the sounds and surroundings unless you notify them.

In our case, witnesses and sources know that we record their surroundings to protect them, their families, and to collect evidence. The ambient recording feature is also useful for children and/or teenagers that may be exposed to a detrimental environment and you can know what kind of activities your children are involved in and intervene before it’s too late.

We have protected teenagers using FlexiSPY when parents place the software on their children’s phone. We once located a kidnapped child using the ambient recording feature and the GPS feature on FlexiSPY and had the kidnappers brought to justice because on the ambient recording (which sends the recording to a dashboard that you can download and listen to) names were mentioned.

Live call listening

Another useful feature is the live call listening feature where you specify and select a monitor number (which is the number that receives a log of all incoming and outgoing calls and you can call the target number and listen in) on the dashboard in the control center.

Once a phone call is placed or received, the monitor phone receives a notification and you can call in to the target phone and listen to the phone call live. However, remember to immediately press mute on the monitor phone because individuals on the target phone will be able to hear you.

If you do not want to listen live, no need to worry as the phone call will be recorded and uploaded to the dashboard on your FlexiSPY account where you can download the recording for listening on your computer or smartphone.

Bugging Controls

The next feature is the bugging controls where the monitor phone can phone in to the target phone and listen to the surroundings “live” without the need to wait for an ambient recording to complete and upload to the dashboard. We use this feature often when a witness is around a suspect or suspected criminal activity so that assistance may come immediately. Once, when we phoned a witness and she was not answering, we became nervous and used the monitor phone to phone in to the target phone and we were able to “yell” into the monitor phone and the witnessed answered back that she was sleeping and the target phone was on silent so she could not hear us calling.

Experience with other spy software

Before we discovered FlexiSPY, we had used a variety of mobile spy software such as E-Stealth, Mobile Spy, M-Spy, and several apps available from the app store that are available on the android “play store.” Beware of these other programs and while they appear cheaper in price compared to FlexiSPY, they are not.
For instance, paying an annual $199.00 a year for Mspy compared to Flexispy’s $349.00 a year, you lose the features of ambient recording, live call listening, live bugging, and tons of other features. We use FlexiSPY on Android phones as well as IPhone without any complications. The SMS feature is useful where you can read the phone number of all incoming and outgoing text messages and the date and time of the text message and you can even download the text messages so you have a permanent record of the text messages. You can also view all pictures taken on the target phone almost immediately as they are taken. This is especially useful in investigations where one of our investigators, protected witnesses, or sources can take a picture and instead of texting or emailing us the picture, we can view the picture from the FlexiSPY dashboard.

Rem Cam

Another useful feature that we use often is the Rem Cam feature where you can click on the Rem Cam button and the target phone will take a picture from the target phone and if the target phone has both a front and back camera, it will take a front picture from the front camera and a picture from the back camera. This often explains to us the environment that a witness or a child is in is in and again, these pictures are viewable immediately through the dashboard. We once used this feature to obtain a picture of an individual that stole a client’s phone from his desk at work.

Web History

Web history is another useful feature that we use (although the SMS feature, ambient recording, phone call logs and listening to recordings, all assist as well) where you can view the date and time of all websites visited and viewed. Facebook has been a useful tool and with the Facebook feature you can view the instant messaging on Facebook for all messages sent and receive and actually read what is said via Facebook instant messaging.

All of the features on FlexiSPY are useful when conducting investigations and can be used by the general public as well. For instance, many clients ask how they can protect their children and know their children’s whereabouts and the environment that they are exposed to. We immediately recommend FlexiSPY to monitor their children’s activities. We assist the client in purchasing FlexiSPY, rooting their child’s phone and installing FlexiSPY. The $349 annual subscription is worth protecting your child so you can intervene early if your child is introduced to the environment of drugs, criminals, or an unsuitable environment. Perhaps worse, if your child is kidnapped you can track your child or children.

How much is a child’s safety worth and how much is peace of mind worth? Is my child exposed to drugs? Is my employee viewing pornography on his or her company phone? Is my witness or source safe from harm?

You cannot place a price tag on the safety of your children, the safety of a witness, the safety and reputation of a company.

If you compare the features, which we have done, of other mobile spy software none compares to FlexiSPY in features and ease of use and installation. Our clients have renewed their subscription to FlexiSPY over the years to monitor their children and at times we are given access to their account so that we may monitor their children and respond to emergency situations. We are often given access to various cases so we can respond to where the target is located and obtain videotape so the client may prove a case in court.

These are just a few of the situations that we use FlexiSPY in certain situations and issues that are we are face with on a daily basis. We also appreciate the customer support we receive from FlexiSPY. For instance, you can go to your dashboard and click help and you can submit a support ticket and instructions of how to repair a problem is emailed to you or a technician will repair the problem for you if the problem is on their side of the software. While FlexiSPY claims they respond in 24 hours, we have noticed that they respond to a request for assistance much sooner, usually within a few hours. Many companies can claim superior customer support but don’t deliver. For instance, when using Mspy, we emailed a support ticket and was told that we needed to uninstall and reinstall the software. However, a member of our IT staff deactivated the software without uninstalling the software and reactivated the software and it began working as usual. This often causes problems because we only have one time and a small window to install the software and we often do not have access to the target phone. The FlexiSPY technicians are fully aware of these complications and have guided us to repair any problem that we may have with the software. We have never had to uninstall and reinstall the software and we are given instructions on how to repair any problem we may be having with the software. The technicians are knowledgeable in the software as well as the phone’s software and settings.

I guess the best reason we choose FlexiSPY is ease of use, ease of installation, and a world of features where we are never kept in the dark about an ongoing investigation. While the features may seem complication it is not. We have found that the dashboard is easy to navigate and use the features with ease. Even in rooting an IPhone or Android phone we found that a few clicks and the phone was rooted. Do not allow the steps given in rooting and/or installation of the software to confuse you, it’s relativity easy. We also appreciate that we receive a notification that there is a version update, you can view exactly what the version update is, and the previous version update and the changes to the software, all without uninstalling the software. As noted previously, we have time restraints and a small window to install the software and often do not have access to the target phone again. Therefore, the software will automatically send you an update notification and once clicked, the software will update without the need to uninstall and reinstall the software.

We especially appreciate the SMS control feature where you can use any of Flexispy’s features simply by sending a SMS/text message to the target phone for ambient recording, setting the live call feature, diagnostics, downloading and updating the target phone’s contact list, retrieving information from the target phone immediately, and a host of SMS/text messages to the target phone, all undetectable by the target phone. In fact, we send SMS/text messages to set ambient recording and we can even set the time limit for the recording and when the date and time of the recording is to begin, and for witnesses, we set recording times every 15 minutes for up to 24 hours in advance and you can schedule these recordings by setting your phone to send a text message at a specific date and time for the recording to begin. Speaking of undetectable, the root of the target phone as well as the Flexispy software itself is completely hidden and during installation you are given the choice to hide the software as well as the root of the phone. Some of our investigators are not computer savvy but they navigate the FlexiSPY dashboard with ease and effortlessly.

Since we are constantly in the field conducting investigations, we monitor the target phone from our smartphones by logging in from our smartphones and viewing the target phone’s activity. If you download the correct software for listening to audio recordings (most phones have this software already preinstalled) then you do not need a computer to monitor the target phone’s activity.

In our line of work, there is definitely a need for this software and it is a tool to assist us in our work. The fee paid for the software is not a consequence when our clients or witnesses are searching for peace of mind and safety. I highly recommend FlexiSPY to anyone that believes they have a need to ensure the safety of their children, protect witnesses, protect the reputation and prevent misuse of company phones and tons of other uses.

Would you to share your experience with FlexiSPY? Leave a comment on this post and we will get in touch!

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