How Do I Set My Monitor Number? | What Is An International Format?

August 5, 2015

Two of our most powerful features, Spycall & Call intercept rely on having the monitor number being setup correctly. But there is sometimes confusion when it comes to how to setup the monitor number, and even what the monitor number actually is. So we’ve written this brief guide which if you follow through to the end, should give you the information needed to get it set up without hassle.

To start our guide, let’s look at what the Monitor Number actually is.

What is the Monitor Number

The monitor number is the phone number that you want a notification to be sent to when a spycall, call intercept, or SIM change is initiated.

Uses for the Monitor Number

Take SpyCall for example. With SpyCall you can secretly create a phone call with the target phone and listen in on the phones surroundings. But the requirement of SpyCall is that a monitor number be set, e.g. the phone that you want to use to tap into the target phone. For SpyCall it might be better to use a second phone as the monitor number, because if you use your main phone as the monitor number and need to call the target phone, it’s automatically going to tap in.

The same principle applies with the monitor number for call intercept. In call intercept, you set the monitor number which will receive an sms text when a call from a specified number to the target phone (or any phone at all) takes place.

The last use for the monitor number being set is for SIM change notifications -the monitor number will get a notification when the target phone has changed it’s SIM card.

Setting the Monitor Number Correctly

Setting the monitor number is region dependent meaning that regardless of your country, you will need to know the country code. For example, in the USA the country code is +1. But if you live inside the USA you would never normally dial +1 before the start of the number. This doesn’t matter with FlexiSPY, and you will still need to use the country code. For example, say that someone would normally dial (868) 345-7567 to reach you. If you are in the USA with country code +1 then then the number would be +18683457567




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