How to Start Using Cell Phone Tracking Software

December 17, 2015

Maybe you want to monitor your kids and elderly parents, or it could be that you want to keep tabs on your significant other. Whatever the case, you decided that you wanted to cover all the bases and you started researching cell phone tracking software.

But there’s so much information on the internet that is published by people motivated purely for financial reasons, there’s even misinformation told by the tv and film industry, how do you know what’s fabricated when it comes to a spy app and what’s not?

To help clear the air, in this post we want to put some truths on the table to guide you on your way to using cell phone tracking software.

How to Start Using Cell Phone Tracking Software

  1. Find out if the phone that you want to monitor is compatible with spy apps.

This is an important step that is often overlooked. Did you know that all iOS devices must be jailbroken before installing any sort of spy app onto the phone? (This means iPhone’s and iPad’s.)

Some cell phone tracking websites try to hide this information from you, then when you realize that you’re left with a useless spy app you find out their tricky refund policy won’t actually grant you a refund.

To minimize the risk of any of our customers being misinformed, we make sure that it is nearly impossible to purchase FlexiSPY without having read through the compatibility page. 

  1. Find out if it’s legal in your local area to install and or hide mobile monitoring software onto the desired phone.

Laws vary greatly from state to state and city to city when it comes to mobile monitoring software. Before you install and activate FlexiSPY, or any other monitoring app onto a phone other than your own, you need to check these laws to make sure you are in line with them. For example, FlexiSPY has a feature that when enabled allows you to make our application hidden. But this is something that you’d also need to research before installing and activating.

  1. Do a test install on your own phone.

If you have purchased the monitoring software you’re probably anxious to get it installed, we recommend that you try installing the software onto your own phone first.

By going through the installation process on your own phone first you’ll be able to gauge things like internet speed, how fast the phone installs the app, and more. This will help you if you know you’ll have a small window of time in which to install the monitoring software onto the target phone.

  1. Write down information that’s pertinent to the install and activation

After going through the installation and activation process of FlexiSPY you would notice that you need the download link of our app as well as your activation code in order to install and activate. We recommend that before you try and install and activate on the target phone you should have this and any other information that you found essential to a fast activation near you.

  1. Install and activate the software of your choice onto the target phone

After you have checked with your local laws and are very confident in your ability to download the spy app on the target phone and activate it within the window of time that you’ve calculated, you should go ahead and do the install.

  1. Setting up your dashboard

All cell phone tracking applications will offer you an administrative dashboard from where you can see the data that is being captured by the app and uploading to the server. This administrative dashboard will most likely also have a section where you can change the settings of the spy app on the phone as well as sending remote commands as needed.

You should go through all of the dashboard settings to make sure everything is setup to your liking. If you are using FlexiSPY you’ll find that the major features are enabled by default but things like the monitor number for call recording still need to be set. You can find our Quick Setup Guide here.


Read all the tips in this article? Nice!

By now we hope to have given you a better view on the process of using cell phone tracking software -from start to finish.

Did you find this article useful? If so, what in particular? Let us know in the comments section below!

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