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When you purchase FlexiSPY you can choose whether or not to automatically renew your software subscription so that you do not lose service.

If you want to stop your FlexiSPY subscription automatically rebilling then you can do this as follows

  1. Contact us by submitting a ticket
  2. Cancel the recurrence by logging into the Avangate portal that you were given when you first made your purchase. Avangate are the [payment processor that actually charges your credit card,

To turn off the automatic renewal option you log in to your MyAvangate account which was created for you automatically at the time of purchase.

    1. Log in to your MyAvangate account at using the same registered email address that you used to purchase FlexiSPY.


    1. Once you have logged in you need to click My Products and your FlexiSPY subscription will be listed.


  1. In the subscription section make sure you click the stop automatic subscription renewal You can also uncheck to be notified if the subscription is about to expire.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.

After doing that you will not be automatically renewed again for your FlexiSPY subscription purchase.