mSpys Refund Policy – The Fine Art Of Fine Print

December 11, 2013

Tried To Get A Refund From mSpy?

If you have tried to use the mSpy refund policy then you will definitely know the meaning of Caveat Emptor. Translated as Buyer Beware, it refers to the situation where a buyer feels deceived by a sellers marketing, but has no legal recourse or remedy.

The most common cause for buyer’s remorse is the seller’s use of fine print. We all know this one – right? It’s when the seller mesmerizes the buyer with seductive claims while hiding caveats or other important information by burying it in text that is very user unfriendly.

Which brings us back nicely to the mSpy refund policy…

mSpy’s Questionable Policy

Touted as a 10 day money back guarantee, the mSpy fine print is a masterpiece. It contains so many exclusions that it’s impossible to find one example where a buyer would actually get their money back at all.

Let’s start by looking at what they tell the customer before they buy.

The mSpy FAQ states “If there is something you dislike about our application, you can get your money back within 10 days after the purchase.”

However the fine print tells a story so different it directly contradicts this. mSpy’s published refund restrictions include any request for “Personal reasons (“I’ve changed my mind”, “I’ve made a purchase by mistake”, etc.).” Clearly, this excludes refunds “if there is something you don’t like about our application”.

What They’re Really Saying

In fact mSpy’s policy clearly states “No refund can be granted to MSpy customers in case their reasons for a refund are completely beyond our control.” mSpy doesn’t list a single legitimate reason within their control, but they do offer a long list of practical reasons you can’t request a refund for.

These include: If you can’t get hold of the Target phone, if you changed your mind or purchased by mistake, no Internet on Target service, can’t jailbreak or root the phone, among a long list of others. If the app stops working a day or two into it and mSpy tells you it’s an Internet issue, well this is also outside of their control.

Make no mistake, mSpy does not allow you to request a refund because you “dislike” the application (as the FAQ states), or happen to be dissatisfied by its performance for any reason. If you want to see mSpy’s fine print on everything you can’t be refunded for, take a look here

Of course, fine print may be perfectly legal but it is ethically questionable. While mSpy are doing nothing “wrong”, their refund policy could be used as an academic case study in the art of using fine print to negate their promise to refund your money.

So what can you do if you’ve purchased an mSpy product you’re not happy with?

Not Happy With mSpy?

Fortunately, FlexiSPY offers a trade-in program for anyone who feels taken advantage of, either by mSpy or any spyphone company. Here is how it works.

If you can’t resolve the problem directly with mSpy, talk to us on
Live Chat
. We will calculate what’s left on your mSpy license and give it to you as a discount on a purchase of FlexiSPY EXTREME. That’s right – there is no need to spend the same money twice!

Our Refund Policy

But what about FlexiSPY’s refund policy – what’s different about us?

Unlike mSpy, FlexiSPY has a no quibble policy and there is no fine print. It’s been this way since 2006, when we invented the spyphone. All you have to show is that you are unhappy with your purchase and we will refund your money. Indeed, we have never refused a refund inside the 10 day window.

Of course, our finance guys were not initially exactly ecstatic about such an open policy – after all some customers are difficult and a few are dishonest – but in the long run, we gain an army of happy customers giving us referral business.

Get on board, and help people just like yourself. If you think the mspy refund policy is a scam, or if you have been burned by a less than reputable spyphone company, tell us about it and we will investigate and publish our findings here.

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