We Are Hiring!

6월 17, 2016

The FlexiSPY portal is showing its age a little, and while its functional, it surely needs some love – It’s time for a redesign.

That’s why we are looking for Designers and Contributors to help us create a set of possible new designs.

In return, we are giving away Amazon vouchers, not only to designers, but to those of you love our product and have ideas for improvements.

We need the following:


If you are a regular user of FlexiSPY and you are a UI designer with talent and ideas, we want to engage you for a full project, and you will receive a $50 Amazon Voucher for your design.

The design must be original though, so copying a generic template from the web won’t qualify.

Please send us the following and you will automatically receive a $50 voucher, and you will be considered for the job.

  • Redesign of Dashboard
  • Redesign of Call Records
  • An email explaining how you would approach a full portal redesign and how much you would charge to deliver a redesign.

Send us your design


If you are a regular use of FlexiSPY you can win a $5 Amazon voucher

Simply give us your ideas for improvement to make the portal easier to use and to deliver a better experience. We will consider these, and any idea that we will use will be published on the blog and you will receive a $5 voucher.

Send us your suggestions

Winning Design

We will share these designs with the FlexiSPY community, and you can vote for the design that you want to see in your portal.

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