Marshmallow Support, Telegram Capture and More: FlexiSPY for Android Gets a Major Update

March 8, 2016

Note: When we published this article we were compatible with Android 6.0 – However, we are now compatible with 6.0.1 – yay! so we’ve updated this post to reflect that change.

Today we’re excited to introduce some major updates and new features to our Android client!

What’s new

Android Marshmallow support

Android Marshmallow is the latest and greatest version of Android yet. Not all phones running the Android OS platform have been updated to this version but slowly and surely carriers are rolling the option to update. This is a huge win for our development team, and an even bigger win for FlexiSPY customers that have been waiting for this news.

Of course, the phone doesn’t have to be using 6.0 for FlexiSPY to run. versions 4.0.3 to 6.0.1 are supported.

Telegram Capture

Telegram shook up the IM world with it’s highly encrypted, self destructing messages. We’ve gotten a lot of requests from you guys to be able to capture Telegram Messages so we’re so excited to be able to offer it as part of FlexiSPY.

VOIP Call Logs

Since our inception we’ve captured call logs, but times are changing and many people are now opting to use Messaging apps to make Voice Calls, instead of phone calls.

In response, we’ve added support for several popular Messaging clients that do voice calls, and you can now view the logs for the following apps:

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Facebook
  • LINE

How to update

If you’re running FlexiSPY in full and limited mode, then you will be able to remotely update our app on the phone.

First, check if you are already running the most up to date version of FlexiSPY for Android. To do this, all you need to do is head to your dashboard and check to see if there’s a flashing update icon on the top-right hand side of your screen. update icon If the icon is there then you just click it and accept the agreement to update FlexiSPY on the phone.

If there is no flashing update icon then you’re already up to date.

Share your opinion

What else would you like see in FlexiSPY for Android? Share your wish with us in the comments section below so we know what to build next.

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