Spy in Secret – How FlexiSPY Stays Completely Hidden On An iPhone

March 19, 2014

Spy in Secret With FlexiSPY

There is nothing worse than installing spy software on to an iPhone that advertises itself as being hidden, only to find out later that the software was not as hidden as it should be, and the iPhone user found it.

This article will show you how FlexiSPY has been designed to be completely hidden once you have installed it on to an iPhone.

An iPhone has two main areas that can lead to being discovered if the spy phone software is not hidden as advertised.

The first is that an iPhone must be jailbroken before you can install any spy phone software on to it.

What does this mean?

Jailbreaking an iPhone gives you access to far more configuration options and allows you to install a greater range of software, including any iPhone spy software.

But it also means that after you have jailbroken the phone a new icon will appear for the Cydia program, the iPhone user will see this icon and know that something on their phone has changed.

They can then open Cydia and see if anything unfamiliar has been installed.

Anything that they see which is unfamiliar to them they can easily remove in a single tap, this includes the spy phone software you just installed.

That is why FlexiSPY is not visible in the two main areas that we have already discussed.

How does FlexiSPY do this?

First FlexiSPY removes all traces of itself from inside Cydia.

The iPhone user will not see that anything unfamiliar or new has been installed, if the iPhone was already jailbroken.

FlexiSPY is not visible inside Cydia

Secondly, FlexiSPY also hides the Cydia icon after it has been installed.

FlexiSPY allows you to easily hide Cydia. Once hidden it cannot be found on the iPhone

Now that FlexiSPY has hidden Cydia the iPhone user will never know that it had been jailbroken or that any iPhone spy software has been installed

So if you want serious iPhone spy software that really cannot be found after installation then FlexiSPY has you covered.

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