The Times They Are A Changing

June 24, 2013

Welcome to the FlexiSPY Blog

So FlexiSPY launched a blog. But why now? And why, after eight years in business, does it look like are we jumping on the blog bandwagon?

The truth is that we have been chomping at the bit to “go social” for a long time – we’re not shy, we’re opinionated, and we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff to say.

But the truth is that the mobile monitoring business provokes strong reactions, much of it negative.That was particularly true when we first released FlexiSPY almost a decade ago. But since then, attitudes have changed. The boundaries of personal privacy have been lowered – occasionally by consent, but more frequently by default.

It’s weird to remember that Facebook did not exist when we started FlexiSPY – yet now even employers stalk employees and no one raises an eyebrow.

The tipping point for our decision to open up to the world were the revelations from people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. There is now greater awareness of programs like PRISM, the FISA court, surveillance by the NSA, and video surveillance in public areas. The elephant in the room has revealed itself – that we were all being systematically spied on, without consent, by the establishment.

But the most amazing thing of all was that the American public doesn’t seem to mind all that much! This nonchalance makes it pretty clear that the world has moved on in its attitudes towards monitoring. If the polls are true, and 50% of the US public are ready to accept secret and blanket surveillance by the government, then the focused and consensual monitoring offered by FlexiSPY is no longer the controversial activity that it used to be.

We have always been clear about what we do, and why: Parents have a need to monitor children, Employers are legally liable for employees, and there are many cultures in which sexual relationships are expected to be exclusive.

We help people feel secure in their relationships – or let them take action if they are not.

This blog will carry insights into who we are as a company, why we do what we do, as well as unrelated tidbits and stories that we hope you find interesting. If there is anything you would like us to write about, we would love to hear from you.

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