FlexiSPY, mSpy, or Mobile Spy | Which One Is The Best Value For You?

November 6, 2014




FlexiSPY has long had a reputation for being the best, but ridiculously expensive. That’s only half true however, because we have never been expensive.

Our PREMIUM product is available at $149 for a year, which compares well against mSpy $199 for the same time period.

Of course our competitors and the fake review sites out there went even further and ignored PREMIUM, choosing to only mention the price of EXTREME – a product with features that they did not even have.

We decided it was time to do something about this.

From today, FlexiSPY PREMIUM can be purchased, starting from $68. We have also reduced the entry point for the EXTREME product to $199. This makes us the cheapest, 100% invisible, mobile monitoring product available.

Don’t just take our word for it though, below we’ve compared FlexiSPY to our competitors in three key areas: price, features, and software visibility.

Note: Mobile-Spy is not included in our comparison charts as their app can no longer be considered a true “spy application” as their app can no longer be hidden.

Pricing – new monthly payment options

We have a brand new pricing structure, offering our Premium and EXTREME packages in cheaper monthly options.

Subscription PeriodsFlexiSPY PremiummSpy PremiumFlexiSPY EXTREME
1 month$68$69.99Not offered
3 month$99$119.99$199
6 monthsNot offered$149.99Not offered
12 months$149$199.99$349


As the chart shows, we are now cheaper than mSpy in both 3 month and 12 month subscriptions.

Features – who gives you more?

This is also a big thing to consider: We are now the only smartphone monitoring software that offers both call recording and ambient recording. These two features are not offered by either mSpy or Mobile Spy.

FeatureFlexiSPY ExtremeMspy Premium
Ambient Recording
Call Recording
Number of IM services captured13 for both EXTREME and Premium versions6

We also have support for capturing 13 instant messengers. This is over twice the amount of mSpy.
We have performed extensive tests to prove that FlexiSPY gives you the best instant messaging capturing experience when compared against its competitors and you can read about this in full by clicking here.

Software Visibility – hidden or not hidden?

Lastly, in the wake of what happened to StealthGenie, We’d like to say that FlexiSPY has always offered its customers the ability to hide the visible software icon after installation based upon whether or not it is legal for them to do so.

FeatureFlexiSPY ExtremeFlexiSPY PremiumMspy Premium
Visible icon after installation
Ability to hide software icon based upon legal situation

FlexiSPY has always been about respecting the law. That is why FlexiSPY is still the only smartphone monitoring software that can allow you to hide its icon should your countries laws permit this. You can read more about how other smartphone monitoring software are surreptitious compared to FlexiSPY by clicking here.

Article In Brief –
Overall FlexiSPY beats its competitors in four key areas:

  • Price per month
  • IM capturing
  • Call and ambient recording
  • Software Visibility

We think that the facts speak for themselves, and we hope this has provided some valuable information! If you’d like to voice your opinion on the matter, please share it via the comments section below!

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