How To Install FlexiSPY Onto An Unrooted Android Phone

January 16, 2014

FlexiSPY Android Installation Guide

Wondering how to install FlexiSPY on to their Android phone? In this guide, you’ll be shown how to do it easily.

The phone being used for this tutorial is a Samsung Galaxy S3, however the guide will work for any Single SIM Android Phone running Android OS 4.x – 4.3


Step 1 – Purchase FlexiSPY’s Mobile Spy Software

Step 2 – Get their Android phone physically in your hand – remember, this guide is for a phone that has NOT been rooted.

Step 3 – Using your computer, login to your FlexiSPY online account, and then follow the steps in the installation wizard that will appear on your screen

FlexiSPY Portal


FlexiSPY Wizard

Step 4 – Follow the installation wizard shown on your screen

Following the installation wizard, your phone will roughly show what’s seen on the images below.

FlexiSPY Rooting Guide

After the phone has had FlexiSPY installed successfully, you’ll want to view our quick-setup guide below


On your portal, navigate to Help>Reference Manuals>Quick Setup to learn about how to set up all FlexiSPY features remotely using your own account.



Please note that Because the phone is not rooted the following FlexiSPY features are not available as they only work if their phone has root access.

Features Not available to Unrooted phone for FlexiSPY Premium:

  • IM capture (Skype, Facebook, LINE etc.)

Features Not available to Unrooted phone for FlexiSPY Extreme:

  • IM capture (Skype, Facebook, LINE etc.)
  • Call intercept (listen to their calls in realtime using your own phone)
  • Spycall (listen to the surroundings of their phone in realtime using your own phone)

If you want help rooting their Android phone to get the most out of FlexiSPY, don’t worry, FlexiSPY is here to help.

Simply click here and follow the steps for help with rooting their Android phone directly from FlexiSPY’s technical rooting experts.

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