March FlexiSPY Product Updates

March 18, 2024

We have been working around the clock making FlexiSPY better so you can better protect your loved ones

Here’s what’s new

FlexiSPY for Android

New Features

  • RCS Message Capturing. FlexiSPY’s phone spy app now captures Google and Samsung RCS Messages


  • Better RemCam / RemVid / Ambient Recording. You can now choose to wait until the device is idle before executing Remote Control features, preventing indicators from appearing. If you don’t want to wait you can execute the features immediately.

*These changes available in FlexiSPY Android (Normal) Version 5.2.2

FlexiSPY Portal

New Features

  • Easier username recovery. If you forgot your username and can’t login to the portal, you can now reset it yourself without contacting support
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