Spoof SMS – The Secret Weapon You Should Have Been Using

November 13, 2013

FlexiSPY SPoof SMS

What Is Spoof SMS?

Spoof SMS is a unique feature of FlexiSPY’s mobile spy software for Android and iPhone. that’s so powerful it takes a lot of responsibility to use – and you may only get one shot at using it correctly… Have you ever wished you could trick one of your Target’s Contacts into showing up for a meeting, perhaps to confront them or simply to confirm an identity? Or maybe you’d like to send a message to make sure they won’t show up for a meeting! You can easily accomplish any of these things – all with Spoof SMS.

Technically we’re not spoofing the SMS itself; we’re actually sending the SMS directly from the target phone, where it arrives to the recipient as any normal SMS from the Target would. What we’re spoofing is our own secret identity as the author of that content. The SMS is sent discreetly without the Target user’s awareness, and there’s nothing to trace back to anyone else because it’s being sent from the Target phone itself.

Using Spoof SMS To Snoop Information

A Spy Scenario – An example of how Spoof SMS works.

We have reason to believe that Margaret (our target phone) has been hanging out with Bill again -with whom she supposedly broke off an affair two months ago. We’ve been tracking call logs, text, and IM conversations, so we know they’ve been in contact again. We haven’t captured much from text logs but a recent flurry of phone calls on the same days she comes home late are more than a little suspicious.

We want to be careful how we construct our Spoof SMS. We don’t want to encourage another affair (if they aren’t already), but we can fish for information by asking questions while spoofing our identity.

Here’s the SMS we decide to send: “Bill, I’m keeping a journal now. Do you remember exactly what date and time we last met?”

A few minutes later we capture this response: “Sure, last thursday around 7:30. Can’t wait for tomorrow night.”

Now we got lucky with the bonus info. We were hoping the last meeting was still two months ago, but we confirm suspicions and learn about ongoing plans. Technology is a bitch when it’s the cold hard truth, but hey it’s better to know!

Avoid Getting Busted – Unless You Don’t Care!

We can’t prevent Bill from returning a phone call instead of an SMS, which he might do as they’ve had more phone calls than texts in the logs we’ve tracked. These are the kind of things to consider when using Spoof SMS.

As we can see, Spoof SMS requires care to avoid getting busted or creating suspicion. Eventually your SMS recipient and Target user will talk again, possibly immediately. If your spoofed text seems out of context or very unusual then it may be discussed.

Because of this we don’t suggest casual SMS spoofing. On the other hand if you’ve just been waiting for the right opportunity, you may not care what happens after successfully influencing the recipient, or acquiring the information you need.

No matter how you use Spoof SMS, it’s good to know you have this kind of power when you need it. Spoof SMS is a truly unique feature and is only available from FlexiSPY.

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