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For the last year, it has become increasingly difficult to make monitoring software for iPhones, because there are no jailbreaks

There is another way to spy on an iPhone – but there are many limitations and we wanted to find out if you would be interested in a solution

If the response is positive, we will develop this solution


  • No need to jailbreak the device
  • No need to access the device – if backup is already configured
  • Compatible with all version of iOS
  • Compatible with all iPhone models


  • You need to know the iCloud email address and password of your child or employees device
  • Your child or employee must not have two factor authentication enabled on their iCloud account
  • Automatic iCloud backup must be enabled

Only the following features are available:

  • Location tracking
  • Call log tracking
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • SMS tracking
  • Photos
  • WhatsApp IM chats

We are interested to hear what you think before we start to develop this new product

Let us know your thoughts through a survey, There are only three questions, and if you’d like a personal reply to your comments, leave your email address inside and we’ll get back to you.

Take The Survey

Note, if you are a FlexiSPY customer, we will have sent you a unique survey link inside your portal. Please take the survey using that link instead of the link in this article.