Does FlexiSPY Have Any Geographical Limitations? – FAQ Series

October 5, 2015

We’ve been running a poll on the blog for the past couple of months. The poll asks our customers what they’d like to see discussed on the blog in the future, and so far there’s been a ton of responses. In this article we wanted to address one that caught our eye.

The question was “Can I use FlexiSPY on a phone in China?”

While this is a great question, we wanted to further expand on it. So we’ve altered it and instead will be answering “Does FlexiSPY have any geographical limitations?”

Q: Does FlexiSPY have any geographical limitations?

A: The short answer to the question is no. When FlexiSPY is installed and activated, it does not need to fit a geographical rule to work. But, let’s get into why -as well as the fine print.

Explained further

There are a few requirements when installing FlexiSPY. One of them is that during installation and activation, the phone will need to have a SIM card in it. But after you’ve installed our software, it doesn’t matter where the phone is. The only other need is that it’s connected to the internet.

Why it works this way

FlexiSPY collects data on the phone, and after there is enough to upload, it’s securely sent to your dashboard. From your dashboard you can view the collected data.

But what if the phone doesn’t have internet for some time?

No worries, FlexiSPY is intelligent and will queue the data for uploading. Once the phone gains some form of internet again, it will being the syncing process.

Things to keep in mind

One thing you might want to consider when using FlexiSPY is the phone’s data usage.

For example, say you have set FlexiSPY to capture videos that are on the phone. Uploading the videos to your dashboard will use a good deal of the phone’s data plan. If the phone is roaming in another country, charges could incur that weren’t expected.

We have built FlexiSPY with this scenario in mind though.

From within your dashboard, you can set data uploads to be WiFi only. This means FlexiSPY will wait until the phone connects to a WiFi connection before the data syncs.


As long as you properly install and activate FlexiSPY, there is no need to worry about the geographical location of the phone.

Of course, if you still have any questions, or would like to tell us what you think about this, please leave us a comment in the comments section below!

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